Lightforce SL240 Blitz

Lightforce SL240 Blitz


Lightforce SL240 Blitz

This Lightforce halogen spotlight has smart electronic switching that gives a silent on/off control while allowing the brightness to be adjusted. So reliable, it can be operated thousands of times without premature switch failure.


• Lightweight, hi-tech engineering polymer construction for extreme strength and durability

• Computer designed parabolic reflector for maximizing bulb output and performance

• Reflector housing rotates to easily tailor beam pattern to suit the operator’s requirements, flood or spot

• Quality On/Off switch for operator comfort and durability

• 3.6m coiled cable with cigar plug fitting

• Ergonomically balanced handle for superior handling with user friendly texture to ensure ‘no-slip’ in adverse conditions

• High specification bulbs to ensure unequalled brightness

• Lanyard securing point for extra security

100 W vertical filament Bulb

530,000 CP

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