Tracer 210 Sportlight

Tracer 210 Sportlight


Tracer 210 Sportlight

Ideal for hunting, observing wildlife, security & surveillance and remote mounting

Designed for Comfort

Ergonomically designed, with a textured and finger contoured handle to fit securely in the users hand. Tracer Sport Lights are well balanced and comfortable to use.


Lightweight and Durable

Tracer Sport Lights are encased within a durable and fully weatherproof polycarbonate body, providing excellent protection from the elements.




Featuring a heavy duty coiled lead fitted with a fused 12V cigar plug and handle thread for remote mounting.


High Performance

Featuring a vertical filament 100W halogen bulb,
capable of producing a super bright 800 metre beam.



High Quality

High impact Lexan Polycarbonate Lens with 'Spot-Flood' adjustment.


Tracer 210 Sportlight Options