We are Scotland’s finest all weather shooting venue for all clay target disciplines including DTL, ABT, Olympic Trap, National Skeet, Olympic Skeet, Sporting, Compact Sporting & FITASC.

We are regular hosts of National and International competitions while also catering for local shooting clubs and individuals alike.


We currently have 6 DTL layouts all are undercover and all weather.

  • 4 ABT layouts are undercover and all weather.
  • 2 National Skeet ( one of which doubles up as an Olympic Skeet range when required....happy now John?)
  • 1 Olympic Skeet
  • 14 stand sporting layout
  • 8 trap Compact Sporting undercover layout.
  • We also boast Scotland’s first fully automatic covered Olympic Trap layout which regularly hosts National competitions and training for the Commonwealth Games. 

 All layouts operate via the ClayMate trap release system ensuring best value. Many of the facilities also feature full floodlighting to combat the dark winter days and nights.