Ayrshire Gun Club Fixtures
Ayrshire Gun Club Fixtures



Ayrshire Gun Club  proposes to resume the fortnightly shoots as from the 5th of July which is sporting although some members or family may be shielding till the end of July we feel its prudent to start the shoots.Many of you may not be aware the shooting ground is now open Only Friday ,Saturday and Sunday.

We would like to point out that the rules for social distancing apply at the shooting ground and as per government guidelines face coverings should be worn in the shop. 

The ground now requires all shooters to collect their empty shell casings and dispose of them at home as there are no bins at the ground now.

 It is paramount that we stick to the social distancing rules on the shoots and maintain this.

Forthcoming Syllabus events will be shot over 50 clays unless otherwise stated


Please contact Les by email if you have any questions regarding membership or fees :  duncanles55@yahoo.co.uk





30th January DTL


13th February  Sporting & AGM at 10.15am

27th February OT Champs (75 birds)


13th March Skeet

27th March  ABT


10th April DTL

24th April  Double Rise Champs (100 birds)


8th May Sporting

22nd May Skeet


5th June ABT Champs (75 birds)

19th June DTL


3rd July ABT

17th July Skeet Champs (75 birds)

31st July Sporting


14th August Skeet

28th August J Todd memorial (100 birds)


11th September DTL

25th September ABT


9th October Sporting Champs (75 birds)

23rd October Skeet


6th November Sporting

20th November DTL Champs (75 birds)


4th December ABT

18th December DTL



15th January Sporting

29th January Skeet